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Dolls I Currently Own
MnF ShuShu [3.25.2009]
Unoa Sist Fairyskin [1.24.2013]
DZ Ro Tanskin [3.23.20013]

Dolls I'm Wishing For
Dollfie Dream

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First discovered ABJDs in February of 2006

It's been so long...

It's been a tremendously long time since I've visited LJ. It was once my favorite BJD outlet, but no longer does it serve as such. So many things have changed as this hobby is forever expanding and evolving. I wanted to take this opportunity to make an official "good bye LJ" type post. I have certainly not left the hobby, however, I now spend most of my time in the BJD community on Youtube and Instagram. Instagram has become my absolute favorite source for posting and looking at pictures. While Youtube has become my favorite outlet to express ideas, photostories, worries, love, planning, rants and so on and so forth. The Youtube BJD community is wonderful, filled with supportive and welcoming people that take great joy in sharing their inspiration.

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Thank you LJ for being so wonderful for so many years!


Convincing Goat

Convincing Goat by denaliwind
Convincing Goat, a photo by denaliwind on Flickr.

When Goat first arrived, Myliex had a difficult time convincing the young girl to trust in Kale. Being raised to know nothing more than to fear humans, Goat had a difficult time accepting the tall, quiet stranger. If only she had known that she and Kale were connected by a very strong, unspoken agreement... and that was, to protect Myliex.

Pose off! Let the fun begin!

My new DZ Ro is definitely now the most pose-able doll I've ever had. It's amazing how compact he can become too!

We'll start off with all three...
Kale (DZ Ro), Myliex (MNF Shushu) and Goat (Unoa Sist)

But as poses get a little trickier, some may have to drop out!

 photo 122.jpg

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